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Apostle Inc is a biotechnology company in Pleasanton, CA and San Jose, CA, a provider of innovative technologies and services for public health and life sciences. Apostle develops and provides best-in-class nucleic acid isolation and preservation technologies, including innovative technologies in the space of liquid biopsy - the sampling and analysis of non-solid biological tissue, primarily blood, often utilizing circulating free DNA (cfDNA) as a biomarker.
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Apostle Bio
Apostle Bio
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Nature Communications just published a clinical study, including 2125 cancer patients, 9 cancer types, using the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology. This study demonstrates the ability of its model to detect early-stage cancers using cfDNA, including those of pancreatic origin, with high sensitivity that is comparable to that of late-stage detection. Congratulations to this clinical research team. To date, the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology has been used in 2 articles published in Nature Medicine, 1 in Nature Communications, 1 in Science Translational Medicine, 1 in PNAS, and over 50 scientific articles in different journals.