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Apostle Inc is a biotechnology company in Pleasanton, CA and San Jose, CA, a provider of innovative technologies and services for public health and life sciences. Apostle develops and provides best-in-class nucleic acid isolation and preservation technologies, including innovative technologies in the space of liquid biopsy - the sampling and analysis of non-solid biological tissue, primarily blood, often utilizing circulating free DNA (cfDNA) as a biomarker. Apostle technologies have been applied in many world-class R&D studies, clinical laboratory settings, and public health response and surveillance. To date, over 20 million samples have been successfully processed using our technologies, and the number is quickly growing.
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Apostle Bio
Apostle Bio
3589 Nevada St,
Pleasanton, CA 94566

A new clinical study, led by scientists from MD Anderson Cancer Center and published in Cancer Cell (journal impact factor = 50.3), shows that tumor and cfDNA methylation can be used to identify SCLC subtypes and might guide precision SCLC therapy. Apostle MiniMax cfDNA kit is one of the critical commercial assays listed in this article. Congratulations to this clinical research team. To date, the Apostle MiniMax technology has been used in 2 articles published in Nature Communications, 2 in Nature Medicine, 1 in Science Translational Medicine, 1 in PNAS, and over 60 scientific articles by over 60 international research and clinical teams in different journals.