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Apostle MagTouch Technology

High Quality | Robust | Low Cost| 96 Well or 24 Well


The MagTouch 2000 instrument is an automatic extraction and purification system for nucleic acids from various types of biological samples collected in multiple transport media. It can absorb, transfer and release magnetic beads by a magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve to separate magnetic beads and samples. The operation is automatic, fast and simple.


  • High-throughput automation platform for nucleic acid extraction
  • Compatible with Apostle MiniMax® High Efficiency cfDNA Isolation Kit and Apostle MiniGenomics® Genomics DNA Isolation Kit
  • Suitably paired with the Apostle MiniGenomics® Viral Total NA Isolation Fast Kit
  • Turntable for up to 8 plates
  • 1000 μL maximum volume per well (96 well format), or 10mL maximum volume per well (24 well format)
  • Working time per run: ~30 – 90 mins
  • Convenient compact size: 550 x 620 x 483 mm

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely robust and reliable; sustained 7x24 heavy use for 2+ years in very busy clinical laboratory environment (as in the photo exhibit)
  • Cost-effective; guaranteed 30% or more savings than other products 
  • High-efficiency and high-throughput extraction
  • Small footprint on the desktop
  • Improved color touchscreen interface and one-button start
  • Removable transparent cover – convenient for automatic liquid transfer workstation 
  • Build-in UV light for sterilization
  • Programmable procedure
  • Novel magnetic field settings for high recovery of magnetic beads
  • Ten different mixing speeds
  • Vibration extent of the magnetic head automatically matches the reagent volume during mixing
  • Precise temperature control between ambient temperature -120 °C
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  • Apostle-MagTouch2000-Video
    • This link directs to the instructional video for Apostle MagTouch 2000 Nucleic Acids Isolation Automation System.



  • As included in: US FDA IVD EUA - Molecular Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2

Environmental Requirements

  • Surrounding temperature: 10℃ - 35℃
  • Humidity below 70% 
  • Atmosphere pressure range: 500 – 1060 hpa 
  • Voltage requirements: AC 100-240 V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Operation desk
  • Located in well-ventilated room 
  • Bearing weight beyond 50kg


    NumberModulesDescription of Functions
    1Plastic tip comb moduleMixing; transfer magnetic beads
    2Magnetic head moduleMagnetization of beads
    3Turntable moduleSwitch of plates
    4Thermal module (optionalTemperature control
    5Shield modulePrevent potential cross contamination
    6UV sterilization moduleSterilization 
    7Working lamp moduleIllumination


    Apostle MagTouch technology has been applied in world-class research and development projects of novel liquid biopsy technologies, as well as in the recent fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    For a more detailed discussion, visit hereSome examples include:

    Apostle MagTouch and MiniMax Technologies in cfDNA Applications

    The Apostle MagTouch 2000 Nucleic Acids Extraction Automation System can be utilized with the Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit to automate the cfDNA isolation process, and significantly improve the lab flow and efficiency.

    The system has been utilized by our clients to extract cell-free DNA and/or RNAs from various volumes of plasma samples.  The system is also easily programmable to adapt with various laboratory settings and needs.  Some example protocols are listed below.  

    Apostle MiniMax Technology in Early Gender Prediction

    The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test

    SneakPeek by Gateway Genomics was founded with the goal to make DNA-based prenatal and pediatric information accessible and affordable for parents everywhere.

    The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test is designed to specifically focus on fetal sex and return just one answer – male or female. This enables the test to be run on magnitudes smaller volumes of blood than the typical non-invasive prenatal test. When maternal blood samples arrive at SneakPeek Labs, extracted cell-free fetal DNA is run through real-time quantitative PCR to detect with a sensitivity down to a single Y chromosome. If Y chromosomes are found, the result is a boy. If they are absent, the baby is a girl. The test is run in 3 hours with 99.9% accuracy¹.

    The SneakPeek Early Traits DNA Test lets parents find out what their infant or child will look like as an adult, predicted nutrition levels and sleep behavior. The DNA collection process is simple with a rub of the inner cheek using a swab, no blood samples are required for this test making it easy for parents. When the DNA samples arrive at SneakPeek Labs, genotyping method is used to analyze the differences in DNA and determine which traits an individual may have as a result.

    (Note: Apostle is a technological product provider to SneakPeek by Gateway Genomics). 

    ¹In a recent large-scale study, SneakPeek accurately determined fetal sex in 99.9% of 1,029 pregnant women between 7-37 weeks gestational age. In a separate clinical study run in 2021, SneakPeek accurately determined fetal sex in 75 out of 75 pregnant women at 7 weeks into pregnancy. 

    Apostle MiniGenomics and MagTouch Technologies in State SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Surveillance

    Interview with Lauryn Massic, Association of Public Health Laboratories infectious disease fellow at the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory

    Full interview

    Lauryn Massic, Association of Public Health Laboratories infectious diseases fellow, shares how breakthrough technologies from Ceres Nanosciences and Apostle enables SARS-CoV-2 wastewater surveillance results that are efficient and accurate.

    Please share with us more about your workflow and your metrics for success.

    LM: Our goal in setting up our workflow was to have a turnaround time of less than one day for detection and quantification of the virus in wastewater samples. We wanted to be able to test wastewater from each community facility at least three times per week and to test the campus dorms every day of the week.

    The workflow we follow in the lab starts with the use of Ceres Nanosciences’ Nanotrap Magnetic Virus Particles on the Apostle MagTouch 2000 for virus concentration from the wastewater. This is followed by RNA extraction using ThermoFisher and Apostle Bio reagents on the MagTouch 1000. We are analyzing the RNA using the Promega SARS-CoV -2 Wastewater RT-qPCR kit and are sequencing extracted RNA using Illumina short read sequencing on a MiniSeq.

    How has the Apostle automation accelerated your testing capabilities?

    LM: With Apostle automation, my team and I have been able to develop a method to detect and quantify SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater samples, while also having the ability to sequence viral RNA from the wastewater samples. We can accomplish the detection and quantification portion all in the span of a day, and the hands- free time of the automated process gives us the ability to complete other wastewater-related tasks.

    Apostle MagTouch Technologies in SARS-CoV-2 Clinical Research

    Rapid repeat infection of SARS-CoV-2 by two highly distinct delta-lineage viruses.

    Andrew J. Gorzalski , Christina Boyles, Victoria Sepcic, Subhash Verma, Joel Sevinsky, Kevin Libuit, Stephanie Van Hooser, Mark W. Pandori. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease. Volume 104, Issue 1, September 2022, 115747;

    An instance of sequential infection of an individual with, firstly, the Delta variant and secondly a Delta-sub-lineage has been identified. The individual was found positive for the AY.26 lineage 22 days after being found positive for the Delta [B.1.617.2] variant. The viruses associated with the cases showed dramatic genomic difference, including 31 changes that resulted in deletions or amino acid substitutions. Seven of these differences were observed in the Spike protein. The patient in question was between 30 and 35 years old and had no underlying health conditions. Though singular, this case illustrates the possibility that infection with the Delta variant may not itself be fully protective against  a population of SARS-CoV-2 variants that are becoming increasingly diverse.

    Nucleic acid extractions were performed by Apostle MagTouch Nucleic Acid Extraction Automation Systems [Apostle Inc, San Jose, CA]. 

    Apostle MiniGenomics and MagTouch Technologies in COVID-19 Testing

    Apostle COVID-19 RNA Extraction System Applied in the Effective Detection of SARS-CoV-2

    Ed. Horner S. Application Note.

    The current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic started in late 2019. COVID-19 is the result of severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus contraction. COVID-19 is often accompanied by a wide range of symptoms including fever, cough, and shortness of breath. The SARS-CoV-2 virus consists of a ~30 kb RNA genome encoding for 15 proteins, including the spike protein that enables the virus to enter host cells. The current gold standard qualitative detection method, qRT-PCR, reverse transcribes the viral RNA into cDNA, which is subsequently amplified and quantitated.

    This application note illustrates the effective detection of SARS-CoV-2 using the Apostle COVID-19 Viral RNA Isolation Automation System and qRT-PCR in clinical lab settings. This system uses efficient MiniGenomics magnetic nanoparticle technology for fast extraction and purification of viral nucleic acids from various types of biological samples collected in transport media. The proficient and consistent systems provide reliable test results to individuals that contribute to COVID-19 pandemic relief.

    To date, our clients have processed more than 20 million swabs in various CAP/CLIA clinical labs in the United States. 

    “Apostle COVID-19 RNA Extraction System is a fast and reliable solution for SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA extraction. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Apostle and providing high quality COVID-19 tests for our community.” commented by Harry Gao, MD, PhD, DABMG, FACMG, Lab Director and Chief Scientific Officer of Fulgent Genetics.

    Included in: FDA EUA Summary: Fulgent COVID-19 by RT-PCR TEST(FULGENT THERAPEUTICS).  For In vitro Diagnostic Use. Rx Only. For use under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only. US FDA. April 12, 2021. 

    Nature Communications just published a clinical study, including 2125 cancer patients, 9 cancer types, using the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology. This study demonstrates the ability of its model to detect early-stage cancers using cfDNA, including those of pancreatic origin, with high sensitivity that is comparable to that of late-stage detection. Congratulations to this clinical research team. To date, the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology has been used in 2 articles published in Nature Medicine, 1 in Nature Communications, 1 in Science Translational Medicine, 1 in PNAS, and over 50 scientific articles in different journals.