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Genomic DNA Isolation

Genomic DNA Isolation
The Apostle MiniGenomics High Efficiency Urinary Tract Microbiota DNA Isolation Kit is designed for isolation of microbial DNA from urine samples. The kit uses proprietary Apostle MiniGenomics technology, offers highly efficient, reproducible recovery of high-quality ba..
Apostle MiniGenomics  genomic DNA extraction kit, for fast extraction and purification of human and non-human genomic DNA from various kinds of biological samples stored in multiple forms and reagents.Novel and original magnetic nanoparticle technology for DNA adsorption and releasingSample typ..
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A recent independent study conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University and University of Pittsburgh, published in a peer-reviewed journal SLAS Technology, demonstrated that, "(Figure 4) Most notably, the Apostle particles outperformed all others, achieving almost 2-fold higher recovery yields than the particles supplied in the X kit". Read the article