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Plates and Tip Combs

Plates and Tip Combs
Fifty deep well plates, 96 well each.  Case of 50 deep well plates.   Cat # A901214-50.Documentation:Product brochure: Apostle-COVID-19-Viral-RNA-Isolation-System.pdfSystem protocol: Apostle-MiniGenomics-Viral-Total-NA-Isolation-MagTouch-protocol.pdfApplication Note:&nb..
Fifty tip combs, 96 well eachCase of 50 tip combsCat # A901212-50Documentation:Product brochure: Apostle-COVID-19-Viral-RNA-Isolation-System.pdfSystem protocol: Apostle-MiniGenomics-Viral-Total-NA-Isolation-MagTouch-protocol.pdfApplication Note: Application-Note-Apostle-Viral-RNA..
Fifty deep well plates, 24 well each.   Case of 50 deep well plates.   Cat # A190411-50..
Fifty tip comb + deep-well plate set, 24 well each.  Each set includes 1 tip comb and 1 deep-well plate   Case of 50 tip comb +deep-well plate sets .   Cat # A191213-50..
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A recent independent study conducted by scientists from Johns Hopkins University and University of Pittsburgh, published in a peer-reviewed journal SLAS Technology, demonstrated that, "(Figure 4) Most notably, the Apostle particles outperformed all others, achieving almost 2-fold higher recovery yields than the particles supplied in the X kit". Read the article