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Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Preservative (1X, 3 mL)

Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Preservative (1X, 3 mL)
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Apostle MiniMax cf-DNA Preservative (1X, 3 mL)

Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostle MiniMax cfDNA preservative is an excellent tool for blood cfDNA preservation during blood storage and transport.

This is achieved through Apostle MiniMaxTM cfDNA preservative’s ability to:

  • Prevent the release and contamination of genomic DNA from cells in blood during storage and transportation.
  • Preserve existing cfDNA in blood from degradation.
  • Prevent existing cfDNA in blood from cross-linking with with other biomolecules (i.e. protein).

In summary, high cfDNA quality can be preserved with Apostle MiniMax cfDNA preservative for downstream applications, through the prevention of cfDNA degradation, crosslingking and contamination.

Configuration: 3mL per tube.   20uL preservative per mL of whole blood.

Cat #: A17911-3.



Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): MSDS-cfDNA-Preservation-Solution.pdf

User Guide: Apostle_MiniMax_cfDNA_Preservative_IFU_A.00.pdf

More information (including performance data)

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Nature Communications just published a clinical study, including 2125 cancer patients, 9 cancer types, using the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology. This study demonstrates the ability of its model to detect early-stage cancers using cfDNA, including those of pancreatic origin, with high sensitivity that is comparable to that of late-stage detection. Congratulations to this clinical research team. To date, the Apostle Minimax cfDNA technology has been used in 2 articles published in Nature Medicine, 1 in Nature Communications, 1 in Science Translational Medicine, 1 in PNAS, and over 50 scientific articles in different journals.