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Why Apostle

Laboratory costs are high. Apostle supports our community with high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products:

  • Superior performance
  • Minimum 50% of savings on cost
  • Top-notch technical support
  • Environmental-friendly. Save mother nature.

That’s why more and more research and clinical laboratories are now switching to Apostle technologies.
Best-in-class performance: cfDNA isolation

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

The ability to isolate and analyze circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) at very low concentrations is becoming increasingly important, particularly in non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), early cancer detection, and infectious disease diagnosis. Highly efficient isolation of cfDNA from complexed biological medium is a crucial step for subsequent cfDNA analysis. Apostle MiniMax technology offers a best-in-class efficiency and purity compared with conventional technologies to capture and isolate the circulating cell-free genetic materials. Its superb performance has been extensively validated.
As used in:
  • Integrative modeling of tumor genomes and epigenomes for enhanced cancer diagnosis by cell-free DNA. Nature Communications 2023;14:2017
  • Simultaneous analysis of mutations and methylations in circulating cell-free DNA for hepatocellular carcinoma detection. Science Translational Medicine 2022;14:672
  • Individualized, heterologous chimpanzee adenovirus and self-amplifying mRNA neoantigen vaccine for advanced metastatic solid tumors: phase 1 trial interim results. Nature Medicine 2022;28: 1619-1629
  • Safety and tolerability of AAV8 delivery of a broadly neutralizing antibody in adults living with HIV: a phase 1, dose-escalation trial. Nature Medicine 2022; 28:1022-1030
  • Efficient detection and post-surgical monitoring of colon cancer with a multi-marker DNA methylation liquid biopsy. PNAS 2021;118 (5) e2017421118
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Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit (Standard Edition) (5mL x 50 preps)Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostl..
Best-in-class performance: cfDNA isolation
Superior performance: cfRNA isolation

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free RNA Isolation Kit

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency cfRNA Isolation Kit offers superior isolation efficiency of cell-free RNAs between 17 nt to 1000 nt, without phenol or chloroform. it is ready for a broad range of subsequent applications, including sequencing, PCR, etc. It is suitable for processing samples collected in various major blood collection tubes, especially which will prevent RNA degradation during storage.

  • As used in: Terminal modifications independent cell-free RNA sequencing enables sensitive early cancer detection and classification. Wang et al. Nature Communications 15, Article number: 156 (2024).
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Saving your operating cost

Apostle MiniMax Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube

Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostle MiniMax cfDNA Blood Collection Tube (BCT) is an excellent tool for blood cfDNA preservation during blood collection, storage and transport.
This is achieved through Apostle MiniMax cfDNA BCT’s ability to:
  • Prevent the release and contamination of genomic DNA from cells in blood during storage and transportation.
  • Preserve existing cfDNA in blood from degradation.
  • Prevent existing cfDNA in blood from cross-linking with with other biomolecules (i.e. protein).
In summary, high cfDNA quality can be preserved with Apostle MiniMax cfDNA Blood Collection Tube for downstream applications, through the prevention of cfDNA degradation, crosslingking and contamination.

Next-generation Enrichment of Short DNA fragments for NIPT and Oncology Research

Apostle MiniEnrich Short Fragments Enrichment Kit

Precise DNA sizing can boost sequencing efficiency, reduce cost, improve data quality, and even allow sequencing of low-input samples, while current pervasive DNA sizing approaches are incapable of differentiating DNA fragments under 200 bp with high resolution (<20 bp). The Apostle MiniEnrich Short Fragments Enrichment Kit is a simple, automatable, high-resolution DNA size enrichment workflow on a magnetic nano-platform to exploit this 20 bp size difference and to enrich fetal DNA fragments from maternal blood.

  • As published in: High-resolution DNA size enrichment using a magnetic nano-platform and application in non-invasive prenatal testing. Zhang et al. Analyst July 2020, 145, 5733-5739 (PDF)
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