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Why Apostle

Laboratory costs are high. Apostle supports our community with high-quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products:

  • Superior performance
  • Minimum 50% of savings on cost
  • Top-notch technical support
  • Environmental-friendly. Save mother nature.

That’s why more and more research and clinical laboratories are now switching to Apostle technologies.
Best-in-class performance: cfDNA isolation

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit

The ability to isolate and analyze circulating cell free DNA (cfDNA) at very low concentrations is becoming increasingly important, particularly in non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), early cancer detection, and infectious disease diagnosis. Highly efficient isolation of cfDNA from complexed biological medium is a crucial step for subsequent cfDNA analysis. Apostle MiniMax technology offers a best-in-class efficiency and purity compared with conventional technologies to capture and isolate the circulating cell-free genetic materials. Its superb performance has been extensively validated.
As used in:
  • Integrative modeling of tumor genomes and epigenomes for enhanced cancer diagnosis by cell-free DNA. Nature Communications 2023;14:2017
  • Simultaneous analysis of mutations and methylations in circulating cell-free DNA for hepatocellular carcinoma detection. Science Translational Medicine 2022;14:672
  • Individualized, heterologous chimpanzee adenovirus and self-amplifying mRNA neoantigen vaccine for advanced metastatic solid tumors: phase 1 trial interim results. Nature Medicine 2022;28: 1619-1629
  • Safety and tolerability of AAV8 delivery of a broadly neutralizing antibody in adults living with HIV: a phase 1, dose-escalation trial. Nature Medicine 2022; 28:1022-1030
  • Efficient detection and post-surgical monitoring of colon cancer with a multi-marker DNA methylation liquid biopsy. PNAS 2021;118 (5) e2017421118
  • More ...
Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free DNA Isolation Kit (Standard Edition) (5mL x 50 preps)Powered by Apostle MiniMax technology, Apostl..
Best-in-class performance: cfDNA isolation

MagTouch 3000

Apostle MagTouch 3000 is world's first large volume nucleic acid extraction automation system that is capable of processing up to 6-10 mL of liquid biological samples in one single well. It completely eliminates the needs to split samples into 2 mL aliquots like the traditional small-volume and semi-automated systems require.

Designed for fast extraction and purification of nucleic acids from large volume of liquid biological samples, for example plasma, serum, urine, etc, in 24 well format.
  • Large Volume: capable of processing up to 6-10 mL of liquid biological samples in one single well.
  • Fully Automated and Fast: One button start; Requires no human intervention during the run; Run time is approximately 2 hours per 24 large-volume samples.
  • High Efficiency and Low Cost: Guaranteed 50% improved efficiency and reduced cost, compared with the traditional small-volume and semi-automated systems.
  • Safer: Integrated with a UV light for unit interior disinfection.

Superior performance: cfRNA isolation

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency Cell-Free RNA Isolation Kit

Apostle MiniMax High Efficiency cfRNA Isolation Kit offers superior isolation efficiency of cell-free RNAs between 17 nt to 1000 nt, without phenol or chloroform. it is ready for a broad range of subsequent applications, including sequencing, PCR, etc. It is suitable for processing samples collected in various major blood collection tubes, especially which will prevent RNA degradation during storage.

  • As used in: Terminal modifications independent cell-free RNA sequencing enables sensitive early cancer detection and classification. Wang et al. Nature Communications 15, Article number: 156 (2024).
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